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Elmshorn is a busy middle town within the metropolitan area of Hamburg. Internationally well-known companies form the economical basis of the town with more than 49000 citizens. Elmshorn proves to be an ideal business location, especially for small- and medium-sized companies, thanks to its favourable geographical position. The town is linked to the national motorways and has its own railway station, a modern infrastructure, a diverse array of educational institutions and a modern town council.

As a business location, Elmshorn offers fully developed industrial estates and various commercial properties, marketed by the towns own business development office and the Pinneberg and Segeberg county business development office (WEP) as well as private companies.

Elmshorn-based companies benefit from the towns capable business development office: Its experts offer individual assistance and mentoring in economical or administrative matters. They can also refer to contact persons who will help entrepreneurs to set up their businesses and to apply for subsidies. On request, the experts at the business development office will be happy to put together information on the market situation and on Elmshorn as a business location. 

Elmshorn is a great place to live, too, with its many recreational areas, its varied cultural life and its attractive town centre. For families there is a choice of kindergartens and schools. The regional hospital with its 475 beds offers competent medical care.


Lifelong learning is one of Elmshorn’s top priorities. That's why the town offers a broad range of educational facilities for any stage in life. From kindergartens to an industry-funded university, from evening classes to the city's library: Education plays a vital role in the town's life.  

Families with children have a choice of 23 well-equipped kindergartens, including a Waldorf-kindergarten. There are twelve schools supervised by the town’s local education authority – six primary schools, two grammar schools, three comprehensive schools and a school for children with special needs or learning difficulties – as well as three private schools. Also based in Elmshorn are a vocational school (run by the Pinneberg district council) and the Nordakadamie, an industry-funded University of Applied Science.

As Elmshorn is committed to lifelong learning, the town’s institutions offer plenty of educational programmes at a high standard, showing their dedication to good education.   The library helps to achieve medial literacy, the town's industrial museum displays Elmshorn’s history, the community learning centre offers a broad range of educational courses for all age groups and whoever wants to get a better understanding of the historical contexts in Elmshorn is welcome to research in the town's archives.

Three theatres complete the choice of cultural activities. Nationally well-known artists and ensembles, musicians and actors specializing in lower German plays regularly perform in Elmshorn. In 1991 Elmshorn became one of the venues for the internationally renowned Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (SHMF). Six galleries exhibit fine art in various exhibitions and four musical schools offer musical education. It is with a certain pride that Elmshorn bears the motto “the learning town”.